In A Nutshell

If you’re the kind of person who skips over legal jargon, saying “yeah yeah yeah, I know, I know”, then this preamble is written especially for you.  The TV Parts Store’s Terms of Use policy is provided below, and you are strongly encouraged to read it fully and completely.  That said, the policies spelled out therein are generally common sense terms in that you cannot help but be in compliance with these terms if you just use common sense.

First off, this website is meticulously designed to enable a superior user experience and ease of use, so please engage exclusively in uses only as prescribed by the available tools and features herein.  The aforementioned tools and features are intended for manual use by humans for the benefit of humans.  For simplicity sake, just consider any non-human interaction with this website an unauthorized use.

Secondly, this website deploys and makes great use of assets and resources that are the intellectual property of The TV Parts Store and/or others from whom this site was granted appropriate permissions.  Please refrain from any and all rights infringements or wrongful appropriation of said assets and resources.

In addition to the terms spelled out below, specific pages and links have been made available that spell out specific guidance and other policies of import (e.g. our shipping and returns policy), so do have a look at those as well.

Finally – and most importantly – OBEY ALL LAWS!  The TV Parts Store has zero interest in participating in, enabling, aiding or abetting illegal activities, regardless of jurisdiction.  We are more than happy to take decisive actions and/or report any suspicious activities on this website to the appropriate authorities.  Please, don’t!

Otherwise stated, diligent application of common sense will generally leave you in good shape in terms of compliance – but read the terms just to be safe.

The Dirty Details